Do you offer headlight restoration?

Yes, headlight restoration is $10 alone or $5 added onto an existing service.

 Do I need to drop my car off for certain services?

Yes, for services including polishing you need to leave the car for several hours/overnight in order for the service to be completed. Clay bar services will also take a couple hours.

 How deep of scratches can you buff out?

Scratches that are in the clear coat of the car are usually able to be buffed out. Once the scratch enters deeper levels in the paint, touch up is required.

 Do you offer Military Discount?

Yes, a 10% discount will be provided upon proof of a valid military ID.

Can you get off stuck on water spots?

Yes, permanent water spots can be removed.

 Do you offer monthly subscriptions for services?

Yes, monthly subscriptions are available for certain services. Price depends on amount of service per month and which service.

 Should I get my car buffed and polished before I sell it?

YES! This is one of the best ways to get a little more money in your pocket due to buyers not being able to talk you down due to poor condition of the paint.